Rules Summary

Passport or Permit Plus is mandatory for all runners and driver, if applicable.

The team must have a maximum of one (1) support vehicle at its disposal for the race.

Teams must consist of a maximum of six runners and a minimum of two runners. It is also possible to have a driver in the team that will have the role of driving the support vehicle. Otherwise, this role will be played by the runners of your team turn-by-turn.

Note: The teams will be autonomous throughout the day in the management of the hydration and feeding of the runners.

Team departure time

The start time of your team will be determined by our online configuration system based on the information you have entered on your team members. You will be informed about the departure time of your team by email or on the site approximately two weeks before the race date. The starts of the 200 teams will be between 6 am and 11 am (no departure in pm).

Race book

During the registration process, you will receive the official race book.

The race book includes all up-to-date information regarding the official Relais Desjardins regulations. You will find all the information relevant to the activity. It is your responsibility to have read and understood this book in order to prepare yourself and your team for an unforgettable experience.

Official race book for 2019 (french)