Special prizes

FCV Commitment Przce

This prize will be awarded to one of the 200 teams that will have raised the most donations for the Christian Vachon Foundation during the fundraising campaign of his team. In addition, this team has been very active on the various social networks in order to promote its own fundraising activities, launch the challenge to other teams to do the same and promote the mission of the Fondation Christian Vachon.

Coup de Coeur Award

The prize will be given to the team who:

  • will have demonstrated the best team spirit;
  • will have the best costumes;
  • will have demonstrated extraordinary dynamism throughout the course.

We invite very strongly all 200 teams who will take the departure of the Relay to be costumed. On the start site in the morning, there will be an official photo taken of your costume team. This photo will be used for the selection of the winning team that will be known during his visit to the finish line at the end of the day.


This year we want to make a nod to Meredith and especially remember all the good things she did around her. Remembering is, in a way, making people aware of the difference that can be made by having an attitude of benevolence and heart. The 123 km relay is more than running, it is especially a day rich in emotions, which gives meaning to many achievements. That’s why the family of Meredith and I (Mary-Lou) invite you to illustrate, in a short text, how your team deserves the ultimate recognition of the Relais Desjardins. To do this you have to send us your text to before September 15 2019 (see the criteria here below).

  • How your team demonstrates their compassion for others;
  • How your dynamism and your joie de vivre will manifest itself;
  • How humility is reflected in your team.

The Mérédith Lavoie Prize reminds us that we can make a positive difference in people’s lives and that our actions are as powerful as we are!

Please send us your text before September 15th!

Prizes by category

A prize will be awarded to:

  • the first team in the men’s category;
  • the first team in the women’s category;
  • the first team in the mixed category.

Conduct of the awards ceremony

The special prizes will be awarded to the winning teams a few moments after passing the finish line. As for the prizes by category, the prizes will be awarded approximately 1 hour before the arrival of the last team which usually finishes around 9:30 pm.