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Speed Sold Separately

# 4

Description de l'équipe

WOW we have watched the race each year and encouraged the runners as they pass continuely saying that next year we will do it and each year goes by...Each one of our team members has a child or themselves have had struggles with school and running this race will be a struggle, but we as we hope for all children the end will be a success

Nos coureurs

daniel taillon
Tammy Callaway
Karen Callaway
Zachary Cyr
Brittany Taillon
Stephanie Frizzell
600 $
825 $


  • Ron McRobie
    (200.00 $)
  • tammy callaway
    (200.00 $)
  • Debbie Brodie
    (25.00 $)
  • Estampage JPL
    (100.00 $)
  • Brittany Taillon
    (50.00 $)
    (50.00 $)